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Late/Absence Procedures


What parents and children need to do:


  • Children need to be in school every day by 8.40am.  If your child is late you will receive a text message from the school to remember to be on time the following day.


  • If your child is absent from school for any reason you must phone or text the school office before 9.30am, on the day that they are absent.  You can call on 01553 772018 or text on 07786 208889.


  • If you do not contact the school office before 9.30am, the absence will be recorded as unauthorised.



Action taken by the school:


  • Once a month each child’s attendance is monitored – if it is above 95% no further action will be taken but it will be monitored the following month.


  • If attendance is, or drops to between 90% and 95% a letter of concern will be sent to parents. 


  • If attendance continues to drop below 90% we will set up a School Attendance Contract.  Attendance will be reviewed after one month to see if improvement has been made.


  • If the School Attendance Contract fails to improve attendance the next stage will involve the local authority attendance team.  This will involve entering into the Fast Track procedure which may result in a Court Hearing or Fixed Penalty Fine.


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