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St. Edmund’s Academy

Message from Ms Cook

Welcome to St Edmund's Academy!


St Ed's is a vibrant and changing school!


At St Edmund's Academy we believe that every child has intrinsic value, deserves to be treated with respect, is capable of changing and growing, and is naturally motivated to learn.


We believe that learning occurs best within a learning community where children are actively engaged in their own learning and interacting with their class mates. We believe that learning should not only build capacity for the future, but should address current problems and challenges that the children face.


Our aim is for children at St Edmund's to be: –


  •  - Thoughtful learners who are ready for their next stage of learning
  •  - Committed to developing their own skills through habits of exploration and reflection
  •  - Effective communicators
  •  - Enjoying their learning and have a thirst for finding out new things
  •  - Able to understand how to have good relationships with others
  •  - Able to work well with others
  •  - Able to respond to new and unexpected challenges that arise in their school and home life

Everything we do in school is focused on these aims. We are a school that thinks outside of the box! We look for new ways to improve what we do and make the learning experience the best it can be for the children.


The staff at St Edmund's are incredibly hard working and committed; they help me to ensure that everyday, we make a difference to the young people in our care.


Best wishes,
Ms Lisa Cook                              
Executive Head

Ad Meliora Academy Trust