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St. Edmund’s Academy

School Clubs

We have a FREE breakfast club on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday mornings, open to all pupils.

Please drop your child off at 8am at the main office entrance. Please note food is served until 8.20am, anyone coming in later than this will be welcome to join the children in the dining hall but unfortunately will not be fed.

We also have the following FREE after school clubs available to children in Years 1 - 6.
Monday Games Club
Tuesday Ball Skills
Wednesday Running
Thursday Gymnastics
Friday Gymnastics


Please speak to the office if you would like your child to join any of these clubs.



* Clubs are limited to 20 children - if the club is full, your child will be put on the waiting list & the office will let you know as soon as there is a space for them to join.

* If a child misses 3 clubs without letting Mrs Tarsey or the office know why, they will be removed from the club list & placed back on the waiting list.

* Children MUST wear a PE kit for clubs.

* Any cancelled clubs will be put on our school Facebook page, on the website & a text will be sent.