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English blog: March 2021

Here we are now getting closer and closer to the end of Term 2! It doesn't seem possible that we now only have Summer term left to go but... here it is! 

Now the children are back in school, we have found a need to relaunch our push on handwriting. As before, we are using the same font across the school. The only difference now is that in EYFS we use the 'shape' of the letters, in Year 1 we begin to use leading lines in a pre-cursive manner and are then ready to begin joining correctly in Year 2. 

As children become more fluent with their handwriting, we hope writing speeds and stamina will also improve. Please check back in the weeks to come to see how our handwriting is coming on.

This is the first blog (of many I'm sure) that I am posting, so please excuse any technical hiccups but I *intend* to post a photo of the style of writing we are expecting from children. Any work you can do at home will of course help.

Have a great week, check back soon!