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St. Edmund’s Academy


Geography at St.Edmund's Academy is taught both as a discrete subject and in connection with History.


The Geography curriculum covers 4 areas:


  • Locational Knowledge: This includes knowing the names of continents, countries and oceans in Key Stage 1 and knowing names of counties and cities in KEY Stage 2.
  • Human and Physical Geography: This includes study of weather and physical features such as rivers, mountains and coasts.
  • Place Knowledge: This covers knowledge of different countries (appropriate to age) and understanding similarities and differences to where we live.
  • Geographical Skills and Fieldwork: This includes reading and making maps in a variety of formats and study of the local area.


Teachers use a range of resources to deliver their lessons. This can include ideas from Twinkl and the Geographical Association. However the main priority is to cover the objectives for each age group so teachers plan lessons around these.